Family Offices and Family Enterprise

Protect, preserve and enhance the lives and financial well-being of the families you serve.
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Your identification as family office and family enterprise conveys your focus on all that is family. Genomics will disrupt both the families you serve and traditional systems you have created to serve them.

Family members face new challenges and opportunities, requiring a new kind of counsel as they live different and longer lives informed by knowledge of their genome. Genomic knowledge is irrevocable and what one learns about oneself has profound implications for family who share DNA.

Trusted advisors and protectors of great wealth have responsibility to be well informed about transformative technologies that will so fundamentally impact the lives of their charges. Your world of trusts, beneficiaries, governance, succession, estate planning, risk mitigation, security, privacy, legacy creation and philanthropy will be fundamentally altered with new and dynamic genomic insight. Lifelong relationships amongst all parties will be enriched by shared knowledge and understanding.

Genome Advisory’s extensive family office experience and deep understanding of your unique ecosystems allow us to support you in the most sophisticated, sensitive and discreet manner.

How We Serve

Initial Consultation and Discovery

Each family office and enterprise is unique. We work with you to define your history, culture, ethics and values as they relate to the myriad of decisions and plans made necessary as you confront imminently pervasive and disruptive genomic technologies. All aspects of your organization will be affected in unprecedented ways. We make motivation and expectation explicit. We work together to reimagine roles and responsibilities of key organizational members, so you can richly serve families of today and tomorrow.

Dynamic Implementation

We collaborate with all organizational entities, from your executives, board members and core functional teams to family members themselves, to understand the profound changes inherent in the wildly accelerating science of genomics. Basic notions of fiduciary responsibility will be radically challenged. Family dynamics will be stressed with charged information that has potential to unite or divide. Traditional understanding of security will be threatened in a global environment of easily compromised privacy.

Strategic Foresight

The wealthy have the same concerns about their genes and health as everyone else. However, extensive financial resources raise unique opportunities and risks. Using strategic foresight, futurist perspectives and clinical case studies, we simulate impending complex scenarios that immerse you in the gravity of your decisions. Together we experience ethical, legal, social and behavioral consequences of the fullest expression of new genomic technologies, which allow us to read, write and create biology.


Genome Advisory works with you to define a necessary foundation of your history and values. Together we explore your past and understand your present to clarify how genomics fits into your future.

We foster a true learning environment, creating the space for you to do this new work with your families. We sensitively facilitate interactive discussions of genomic sciences in a manner that is meaningful, understandable, relevant and actionable for your organization.

We provide specific scenarios incorporating potential genomic findings that allow you to fully experience the impact of choices and decisions awaiting you. We work with you to integrate perspectives of different stakeholders to promote the richest understanding of inevitable differences and means to successfully resolve conflict.

We reimagine legacy creation and philanthropy to incorporate family interest in personal genomic findings and a new understanding of genomics' potential for global transformation.

The science of genomics is progressing at an exponential rate

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