Genomics: Disruptive Technology in Family Enterprise

October 28th, 2016

Ronnie S. Stangler, M.D. - Genome Advisory
Alexander Hayward - Vestra Wealth Management
Presentation at the Family Firm Institute 2016 Global Conference; Miami, FL; 26 - 29 October, 2016

Most families today approach next generation preparation planning and succession by anticipating the uncertain and hedging the unknown. In the coming decade, quantum advances in the science of genetics and imaging technologies will allow for far greater sophistication of understanding of the human capital of its members and clients, and their descendants, albeit with incalculable ethical complexities. In the context of family enterprise, the “new medicine” will change both families’ approach to operation and succession, and the way in which key advisors can support such informed families.

Dr. Stangler and Mr. Hayword utilized case studies to offer insights on processes a family can undertake to achieve information they require, as well as the ability to interpret and utilize such information in a humane, sensitive and scientifically appropriate manner.

Critical analysis of the potential value and limitations of such studies were explored.

The science of genomics is progressing at an exponential rate

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