About Genome Advisory

The science of genomics is unique.   It is the most intimate science.   It goes to the essence of what it means to be human.

Who We Are

Genome Advisory is the premier genomics concierge, embracing a uniquely humanistic approach to genomic sciences, health, well-being and longevity. We assist individuals and families, family offices, family enterprise and organizations in determining how to engage with this dynamic science.

The ramifications of having your genome sequenced are complex, reaching well beyond you as an individual. Learning more about your genome is rife with exciting possibilities, but also unintended consequences, for your family, organizations, future planning and legacy.

Genome Advisory will guide you through today's unprecedented ethical, legal, social and behavioral quandaries related to these new technologies and work with you to create actionable plans today and prepare for the challenges of tomorrow.

"The gene provides an organizing principle for modern biology. It tantalizes us with the prospect of controlling our bodies and fates.”
– Siddhartha Mukherjee

Genome Advisory is led by Ronnie S. Stangler, M.D., physician, psychiatrist, Clinical Professor at the University of Washington, Advisor to the Personal Genetics Education Project (pgEd) at Harvard Medical School, and trusted health and well-being officer in international family offices for the past decade. Dr. Stangler's global community of renowned scientists, physicians, genetic counselors, financial and legal experts, ethicists, family office leaders and futurist thinkers informs all aspects of our services for you.

Our deep behavioral and psychological experience uniquely enables us to facilitate challenging conversations in the most sensitive and appropriate ways, to help you best prepare, protect and enhance the lives of those who matter most to you.

Genome Advisory will be a constant in your personal genomics journey, providing a powerful touchstone of exceptional professional presence.

We recognize the needs of diverse stakeholders


The science of genomics is progressing at an exponential rate

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